Odours of the morning and the evening

Comparative topologies of smell duration

Large scale maps exploring the collective, diurnal difference in the smellscape.

A subjective mapping created through third-party watercolour interpretations of detailed smellwalk records (smellnotes) recorded in Singapore in 2015 in 8 locations across the city. Identical routes were walked at 10am and 6pm and the resulting smell data visualised using watercolour which were then layered and aggregated digitally, as individual walking routes were reduced to a single colour.

The larger the shape, the longer the duration of the smell in that space. Day and night in each location were then layered to highlight similarity and difference.

These deceptively simple maps indicate how human-perceived smell duration varies in specific locations according to the time of day; in Little India smells were longer lasting in the market place in the morning whereas in the evening smell duration was longer from the street shops. Waterfront locations, East Coast Parkway and Sentosa show the greatest variation between day and night.

A smell mapping strategy to facilitate understandings of smell and space, place and time.