Essays and Book Chapters

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Articles in refereed journals

McLean, K (2016) ‘Ex-formation as Method for Mapping Smellscapes’, T&F Communication Design Vol. 3 , Issue No. 2, 2015

McLean, K (2014) ‘Smellmap Amsterdam: Olfactory Art & Smell Visualisation’, MIT Press Leonardo

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Published conference papers

Quercia, D, Schifanella, R, Aiello, L, McLean, K (2015) ‘Smelly Maps: The Digital Lives of Urban Smellscapes’ in AAAI Publications, Ninth International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media, Oxford May 2015

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Conference presentations

McLean, K (2016) ‘A crumpled handkerchief and a sniff in space: temporalities in the smellscape’, Charting the Digital Final Conference: Discourse, Disruption, Design, Detour, Warwick University in Venice, Italy

McLean K (2016) ‘Embodied knowledge’, Peer-reviewed workshop, Design Research Society Conference, Brighton, UK

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McLean, K. & Perkins, C. (2013) ‘Telling a smelly spatial story’, Urban History Group Conference, York, UK


Maps featured in external publications

Antoniou, A, Klanten, R & Ehmann, S (Eds) (2015) ‘Mind the Map’, Gestalten

Phaidon Editors (2015) ‘Map: Exploring the World’, Phaidon