• Two Centuries of Stink: Smell Mapping Widnes, Past and Present

    Two Centuries of Stink: Smell Mapping Widnes, Past and Present

    “Widnes was famous for its smell. The town was basically a load of chemical factories and […]

  • Carte des odeurs, Lausanne, Suisse

    Carte des odeurs, Lausanne, Suisse

    Investigating relationships, connections and temporalities between past and present through smell perception. Three days of smellwalks […]

  • Temporalities of smellscapes

    Temporalities of smellscapes

    Many maps of smell neglect to take account of the temporal nature of smell experience and […]

  • Odours of the morning and the evening

    Odours of the morning and the evening

    Comparative topologies of smell duration Large scale maps exploring the collective, diurnal difference in the smellscape. […]

  • Le Marais – ses odeurs de l’été 2018

    Le Marais – ses odeurs de l’été 2018

    Furtifs – Fugitifs – Fugace (Furtive – Fugitive – Fleeting) Investigating the places we stop in […]

  • Boring Talks #15 – Smell Walks

    Boring Talks #15 – Smell Walks

    Welcome. To smell world. Smell world, to me, exists in the space of an unremarked zone […]

  • Smellwalking Staten Island, NYC

    Smellwalking Staten Island, NYC

    For the Future of Storytelling 2017, where the majority of participants explored the visual and audio […]

  • Summer Streets Smellmapping Astor Place NYC

    Summer Streets Smellmapping Astor Place NYC

    Odours and opinions are the key components of a smellscape map, and New York has both […]

  • A Winter Smellwalk in Kyiv

    A Winter Smellwalk in Kyiv

    On December 25th, 2016 a group of 13 people smellwalked Kyiv for two, frozen, hours. Time: […]

  • Comparative Smell Vocabularies

    Comparative Smell Vocabularies

    This segmented radial convergence diagram can be used to facilitate interrogation of how smell vocabularies are […]

  • Smellwalk Influences & Causality

    Smellwalk Influences & Causality

    In my practice there is no smellscape mapping without the smellwalk; the maps emanate from the […]

  • Modelling Scentscape Experience

    Modelling Scentscape Experience

    Walking through the smellcape This model explores Singapore’s smellscape previously created using human-perceived ‘smelldata’ collected from 9 […]

  • Scentscape 06 . 2015 – Singapore

    Scentscape 06 . 2015 – Singapore

    Concept Statement: This work explores Singaporeans’ relationship with their olfactory urban environment through a series of […]

  • Smellscape Mapping: Marseille

    Smellscape Mapping: Marseille

    OLFACTO-VISUAL COMMUNICATION Noailles market place embodies the gritty, chaotic, everyday, non-tourist, multi-ethnic life of Marseille and […]

  • Smellmap: Pamplona

    Smellmap: Pamplona

    EPHEMERALITY “We had a smell, but we lost it…”, commented Marta Calvo during one of a series […]

  • Smell Colour Sketch: Brooklyn

    Smell Colour Sketch: Brooklyn

    Lefebvre writes, ‘When an intimacy occurs between “subject” and “object”, it must surely be the world of […]

  • NYC Thresholds of Smell: Greenwich Village

    NYC Thresholds of Smell: Greenwich Village

    City smells provide an insight into the make-up of a neighborhood as highlighted by Victoria Henshaw […]

  • Ellesmere Port’s Scentscape

    Ellesmere Port’s Scentscape

    “Masked” Scent Walking in Ellesmere Port A July weekend in Ellesmere Port saw 3 walking tours of sensory discovery. […]

  • Two Canterbury Smells : summer 2014

    Two Canterbury Smells : summer 2014

    LITERAL : summer fruit The scent from Canterbury’s greengrocers extends into the street as warm summer temperatures […]

  • Smellmap: Amsterdam

    Smellmap: Amsterdam

    Smellmap Amsterdam©KateMcLean2014 from RCA IED on Vimeo. People expect Amsterdam to smell primarily of cannabis. Cannabis […]

  • Virtual Smellwalk Paris

    Virtual Smellwalk Paris

    This data visualisation is exploratory. It is a tool for rendering the city as a playground […]

  • Smellmap: Milan

    Smellmap: Milan

    From “Preconception to Perception” a smell map of Milan incorporating the scents that feature in or […]

  • Emotional Tactile Map

    Emotional Tactile Map

    An emotional map based on the Inuit floating maps of territorial fishing grounds of coastal Greenland. […]

  • Smellmap: Glasgow

    Smellmap: Glasgow

    Glasgow’s smells are of movement, of reinvention, of rebuilding, of regeneration. A city of renewal. Researched […]

  • Taste Map: Edinburgh

    Taste Map: Edinburgh

    “Scotland, a beautiful small European country, is blissfully free of ageing populations. The Scots die young […]

  • Smellmap: Newport, RI

    Smellmap: Newport, RI

    Newport’s scents are largely ocean-based; the ocean itself, the lobster bait, suntan oil from the bathing tourists, beach roses that brighten the low lying sand dunes. In contrast country smells of hay and juniper speak to the rural aspect of this diverse city.

  • Smell Colour DNA

    Smell Colour DNA

    Perfumes are made up of three notes: The top notes scents that are perceived immediately, usually […]

  • New York’s Smelliest Blocks

    New York’s Smelliest Blocks

    Before reading Molly Young’s article entitled “The Smelliest Block in New York” – Deep in the […]

  • Smellmap: Edinburgh

    Smellmap: Edinburgh

    Auld Reekie emits a plethora of scents and smells; some particular to Edinburgh, some ubiquitous city aromas. […]

  • Views Map: Edinburgh

    Views Map: Edinburgh

    Stunning views in Edinburgh appear for unexpected moments between tall buildings. The silhouettes of Edinburgh buildings […]

  • Smellmap: Paris

    Smellmap: Paris

    The audience were invited to: SMELL a scent from any of the bottles RECALL what it […]

  • Tactile Map: Edinburgh

    Tactile Map: Edinburgh

    TACTILE NEIGHBOURHOODS Neighbourhoods have distinct identities, boundaries, often built at different times, for different city expansion […]