A Winter Smellwalk in Kyiv

On December 25th, 2016 a group of 13 people smellwalked Kyiv for two, frozen, hours.
Time: 1300h – 1500h
Temperature: High 1°C
Wind: W – 8.7mph

Explanation of the mapping: Speculating that future generations will foreground alternative sensory modalities as ways of knowing, this work treats smells as affordances of visual perception, equally facts of the environment and of human behaviour. This work is a mapping of ephemeral information along a route of woven, olfactory trails.

Main image maps the smellwalk, which started at Maidan, and includes an expanded view of 7 individual trails showing smell sources and projected smell shapes in the light, westerly winter wind. Each of the 7 smellwalkers is represented by a colour indicative to them of the Kyiv smellscape. Every smell that appears is listed in the outer ring of the map.

Lower image follows the cumulative pulse points of smell detection along the route as it unfolds in space, time, and mode of smelling. Concentrations occur in confined spaces and at stopping points.

With many thanks to the smellwalkers without whom this work cannot take place.

Covered by Global Voices / Mapping the Smells of Kyiv / Jan 2017