Modelling Scentscape Experience

Walking through the smellcape is a model to explore the volumetric properties of Singapore’s scentscape, previously visualised in Scentscape 06.215 Singapore.

This sculpture envisages human-centred experience of the smellscape as a dimensional form. The duration of each perceived smell was ‘measured’ by smellwalkers using a Likert scale of 1 – 7 and averaged in each neighbourhood. Additional layers of dots were added to represent increasing durations. The model takes a small section of the overall map and renders it in three dimensions.

Accepting the dominance of the visual in contemporary Western society, but simultaneously seeking to heighten olfactory awareness, this research asks what would it be like if humans could see smells?
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Date: 2016
Media & size: Wood, acrylic, slate, nylon, 420mm x 297mm x 210mm

2019 – Show 2019, RCA, London, UK
2019 – PhD Viva, RCA, London, UK
2016 – Work in Progress, RCA, London UK