Odours of the morning and the evening: Singapore

Large scale maps that explore collective, diurnal difference; the smellwalk research in Singapore was to compare the morning and evening smellscapes along the same route. I developed a methodology for this process that involved hand painting all the smell perceptions of participants along the walk routes, and then creating outlines. The morning and evening data are superimposed on each other resulting in comparative topologies of smell duration.
A full analysis can be found in my PhD which is freely downloadable from the Royal College of Art repository
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Date: 2017 from research conducted in 2015

Media & size: Digital print, 1089mm x 841mm. Individual maps digital print, 297mm x 210mm

2019 – “Show 2019” RCA Degree Show, Kensington Gore, London
2019 – “Nose-first” PhD private show as part of the viva requirement. Attendees: Prof Laurene Vaughan, Dr Nina Morris, Prof Teal Triggs.