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39: CBC IDEAS: Smell: The Invisible Superpower

Producer: Annie Bender · CBC Radio · Jun 03, 55:13
Smell has been called the ‘Cinderella sense,’ capable of inspiring profound admiration if we stop turning our noses at it. Producer Annie Bender examines what we lose when we take our powerful — but often misunderstood — sense of smell for granted.

Canadians who have lost their sense of smell say it’s misunderstood, undervalued — and deserves more attention. Modern research suggests that smell is less dispensable than we might think, and can tell us a lot.

My contribution to this podcast is a description of the power of smell walking to engage with our sense of smell, and a series of strategies and steps to facilitate this process as itemised in my “Smellfie” kit. Download the Smellfit kit.

Date: 2024

Media & size: Podcast