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18: NYC Thresholds of Smell: Greenwich Village

City smells provide an insight into the make-up of a neighborhood; the smells indicating a “meshwork of entangled lines of life, growth and movement” mingle as a “texture of interwoven threads” Ingold, 2010).

Thresholds explores the doorways, portals and spaces between the street and building interiors. There are distinct “street smells”, specific “store smells”, and a range of “shared smells” that belong neither inside nor outside – a warm wood, green leafy volatiles of the floristry stores, shared bakery aromas crossing an imaginary divide of a large serving-hatch open window. The strongest smells were old fish on W 10th, watermelon / strawberry in the Scandinavian candy store on Christopher, intense leather and rubber from the fetish shop. The richest combination of smells were located on street corners where humans, activity and winds intersect.

This map forms part of a series of New York City block maps completed over a number of years.

Perceived smell colour varies across the Ellesmere Port Scent Map green scents in Rivacre Valley Nature Reserve (attributable to the colours of the surroundings?), warmer red and yellow hues in the food market (direct references to the food stuffs), and pastel shades in the Port Arcades Shopping Centre with smells of humankind as a “meshwork” of scents to a sharp “V” shape representing the “hit” of BO. The perceived colour of the industrial works situated out of town varies from blue to sludge to grey but frequently takes the form of a cloud formation.

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Date: 2013
Media & size: Digital print, 297mm x 210mm

2016 – “Mind the Map: Illustrated Maps and Cartography”, pub. Gestalten

Sponsored by Cheshire West and Chester
Coordinated by NKProjects
Mask illustrations ©2014 Marie Menuel