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Scents of Glasgow 2012

Glasgow’s scents are of movement, of reinvention, of rebuilding, of regeneration. A city of renewal. Researched with contributions from author Michael Meighan (author of “Glasgow Smells” and “Glasgow Smells Better”) as well as commuters, residents, workers, tourists, the Glasgow City council.

As an interactive exhibition the map is designed with bottled smells, blank maps of the city and coloured dots to designate new sites of smell interest.

Date: 2012

Media & size: Digital print, 1089mm x 841mm

2012 – Glasgow Science Museum
2013 – “The Collected”, Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury, UK. Group exhibition curated by Hazel Stone.

2015 – Map: Exploring the World p.108. Phaidon
2012 – Map featured on STV broadcast, Aug 28
2012 – The Herald Magazine, pp. 10-13, 09 June 2012. Words:Teddy Jamieson. Photographs: Steve Cox

Permanent Collection(s):
National Library of Scotland
Manchester University Library