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Scotland, a beautiful small European country, is blissfully free of ageing populations. The Scots die young and don’t cling on their pensions for decades like Japanese centenaires, sucking the blood of younger generations. What’s their secret? The Scottish Diet, an age-old combination low in fresh fruits and vegetables and high in confectionery, fat enriched meat products, sweet and salty snacks accompanied by generous amounts of sugary drinks and alcohol.

“The golden rule of the Scottish diet is that fat, sugar and alcohol should each account for at least 30% of your daily calorie intake. You may eat one serving of fruit per week, preferably as jams or preserves.”

The fat forms an elevation map to show cumulative fat calories ingested over a day.

Mary’s breakfast
Haggis pizza from Tesco
W.M. Christie – Family Butcher Bruntsfield
Globetrotters Fish Bar
Jenners Food Hall

Research undertaken during 2010-2011 and exhibited at Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show 2011 as a set of photographs.

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Date: 2011
Media & size: Photo series 297mm x 210mm, pencil on art paper, dripping sculpture 600mm x 300mm x 450mm

2012 – Edinburgh International Science Festival
2011 – Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show

Permanent Collection(s):
National Library of Scotland