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Summer Aromas of Newport, RI

Newport’s scents are largely ocean-based; the ocean itself, the lobster bait, suntan oil from the bathing tourists, beach roses that brighten the low lying sand dunes. In contrast country smells of hay and juniper speak to the rural aspects of the city. Downtown, the smells congregate along Thames Street, Broadway and the busy Wharfs.

Smells share an attribute with the depth soundings in that they are constantly shifting and Newport, as home of the America’s cup has a sailing history. The visual lexicon for the city’s aromas map is based on an NOAA chart.

Research undertaken in the summer of 2012 with a massive smellwalk, a smell cycle ride and several individual meetings with some very special people.
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Date: 2011
Media & size: Digital print, 841mm x 1089mm
2014 – Illinois State University, Normal, USA
2013 – “Nostalgias”, The Pie Factory, Margate
2012 – Discover Newport Visitor Center
2013 – “Mind the Map: Illustrated Maps and Cartography”, pub. Gestalten
2013 – The Common: A Modern Sense of Place by Amy Sande-Friendman
Permanent Collection(s):
Newport Visitor Centre